A town of 3,300 residents in Tolland County, Andover, Connecticut has a rural character over its 15.7 miles of land. In Connecticut, small towns like Andover frequently do not have the budget for a facility management team, however. Workers in this role manage all operations and maintenance of town facilities, from repairs and custodial services to contracting outside assistance for larger projects. Beyond the physical level of maintenance, a facilities management team may oversee a budget or appropriate allocation of grant money.

Contracting outside help is one option for towns like Andover, and in Connecticut, Performance Properties, LLC offers such services. Located in Wallingford, Performance Properties has more than 25 years of experience in building operations, property and real estate portfolio management, and facility maintenance.

Specializing in managing properties ranging from a single commercial or retail building to a municipality’s full facilities, we oversee day-to-day tasks, assist with current and future space planning, and provide recommendations that align with a town’s visions.

On the finest level, our services are about efficiency – how a space is used and how well it operates. In this regards, our team maintains HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, data, and telecommunications systems, buildings’ structures and interiors, furniture, equipment, and grounds. Ensuring top functionality behind the scenes, we additionally monitor a facility’s space. For a town like Andover, this is taking inventory of all existing spaces, making sure each is sufficiently used, developing policies, and planning for the future.

Spaces and buildings may need improvements or could be expanded. When a town grows, smaller facilities are often no longer sufficient. In providing project management, our team makes recommendations for renovations and new construction and supervises it from start to finish. Working with industry professionals, we take compliance, design, and building systems into consideration with every new project.
In assuming the role of a town facility management department, we lay down a foundation for organization and policies, from contacting and interacting with vendors, providing administrative support, and developing effective and compliant operational and emergency procedures.

Connecticut towns, from the larger cities to smaller, rural communities like Andover, operate with multiple municipal facilities, from government offices to the town hall. A new building or office space, however, could make the town government operate more smoothly, and Performance Properties provides such recommendations. Our asset and real estate portfolio management services start with leasing and extend to long-term planning. In managing Andover’s town real estate portfolio, we can align your current and future business plans with immediate and long-term property needs and provide such basic services as tenant management, appraisals, and subleasing.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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