A town facility maintenance department is frequently the force behind operations and improvements, whether residents realize it or not. In overseeing and repairing town facilities, this department assumes all duties from custodial services to utilities and security to financial management. In Connecticut, larger towns are more likely to have facilities management departments, while smaller municipalities like Ashford do not have the overhead.

Located in the Quiet Corner of Windham County, Ashford, Connecticut covers an area of 39.5 square miles and has a population of 4,317 as of the last census.

While facility maintenance may not be in the budget for this small rural community, an outside team may be. Performance Properties, LLC, a facilities management company in Wallingford, provides such services to small municipalities, such as Ashford.

What can Performance Properties do for a town like Ashford? Our services begin with standard maintenance, which is needed to keep all town facilities up and running on a daily basis. More specifically, our team monitors the functionality of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, data and telecommunications, and cabling systems; the building’s structure and interior; and all use and maintenance of furniture, equipment, and grounds.

For any town, use of space factors into budgets and other planning, and Performance Properties is an expert in such areas. Too much space is often wasteful, but too little results in cramped working conditions or is an indicator that new construction is needed. In surveying your town’s use of facilities, our team develops policies for use and inventory of space and manages all necessary improvements and new construction from planning to completion.

Beyond the day to day, Performance Properties assesses the overall efficiency of all town facilities. In doing so, our skilled and experienced team takes charge of all organization and planning, including supervising personnel, interacting with vendors, carrying out administrative and financial duties, and developing policies and procedures for operations and emergencies.

There is more to properties than upkeep and planning, however. Performance Properties, in this regards, manages real estate portfolios, from a commercial or retail to municipal level. No matter the size, the portfolio is arranged to align with an organization’s best interests, including current plans and future needs.

In providing recommendations for a municipal real estate portfolio, we see the big vision along with all the small tasks for functionality, and for effective management, we oversee all leasing, tenant services, and appraisals for the town.

Is your Connecticut town lacking effective facility management? Rather than building a new staff or going over budget, let an established group with a portfolio of results efficiently carry out such duties in your town.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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