With 25 years backing up our excellent record, Performance Properties, LLC, provides the power – both figurative and literal – for peak facility operations. Services start at the day-to-day level and extend to full real estate portfolio management for commercial, retail, and small municipalities. Through thorough assessments, maintenance, renovations, and reports, we develop successful management programs that match business, organization, or town needs and work with top-quality service providers and contractors in Connecticut to satisfy each customer.

In Connecticut, many small municipalities are not equipped with facility maintenance departments. Although duties vary on a town-by-town basis, such teams are responsible for maintenance, repair, improvements, financial management, security, and utilities, but municipalities like Barkhamsted frequently do not have the overhead.

Opting for outside assistance is economical in these instances, and Performance Properties has the planning skills, knowledge, and manpower to maintain peak performance in Barkhamsted and other neighboring areas in Litchfield County.

Performance Properties, in managing a municipality, starts at the smallest level and expands to encompass the greater picture of operations. Building systems, which many take for granted, regularly need repair and monitoring, and we do all this for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, and cabling. Our team goes further to survey and maintain all structures, interiors, furniture, equipment, and grounds.

Space, on the other hand, covers more than working air conditioning or internet. For a town like Barkhamsted, interior area may be used inefficiently. Performance Properties surveys space amounts and usage to maximize efficiency. At the same time, when space is too limited, renovations or construction is needed, and our team takes the reign of the project from start to finish, working with industry professionals to get the job completed with compliance and building systems in mind.

Facilities and towns are more than buildings; they’re the framework for everyday interaction and functionality. In assuming facility management duties for communities like Barkhamsted, Performance Properties optimizes organization, interacts with vendors, monitors personnel, carries out administrative and financial tasks, and puts efficient operational and emergency procedures into place.

Efficiency, as well, goes up to the level of overall real estate. A town may have unnecessary buildings or land or could be cutting itself short by not investing enough.

Either way, Performance Properties provides real estate portfolio recommendations that go in line with all current and future needs. By attracting and managing properties, we additionally oversee appraisals, leasing, tenant services, and acquisitions.

Making the most of efficiency and satisfying our customers, from retail establishments to small towns, are our goals. For improving facilities around Barkhamsted or a neighboring town, contact Performance Properties to find out how our services can benefit your municipality.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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