Situated in a remote corner of New Haven County, Bethany, Connecticut is a small town with rural character. Just 21.6 square miles, Bethany has 4,800 residents. Like all Connecticut municipalities, however, towns like Bethany require maintenance, from outdoor improvements to better use of space inside government buildings, but a full facilities management department simply is not in the budget.

Opting for an outside provider, such as Performance Properties, LLC, is more than a compromise – it’s both economical for funds and for planning.
A few towns away in Wallingford, Performance Properties has 25 years of experience maintaining commercial and retail establishments and providing facilities services to small towns like Bethany. Our strategy, to keep your property at peak performance, starts small and considers the big picture through maintenance and management programs that parallel business and organization needs.

As a baseline, we oversee all facility systems, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, security, data, and cabling; building structures, furniture, interiors, and equipment; and grounds. While the functionality of each is key to an optimal facility, there’s more to operations than working air conditioning. How space is used and planned is of particular importance, especially to towns with limited budgets. In assessing allocation and uses, we determine if space is effectively distributed and, in some instances, arrange and take charge of renovations or new construction. In these instances, we collaborate with high-quality local industry professionals, see every project from inception to completion, and make sure all work is compliant.

Building operations isn’t limited to systems. Personnel, vendors, and policies all go into successful use and operation of all town facilities. In overseeing this aspect of a facility, we are responsible for administrative and financial duties, monitor all personnel and vendor interactions, and develop procedures for operations and emergency situations.
In viewing the overall vision for your town, Performance Properties is an expert at real estate portfolios. We determine if your portfolio aligns with current and future business plans and make recommendations if it does not. On a smaller scale, we handle all tenant interactions, conduct appraisals, and are responsible for subleasing.

Staying in budget is a must for all towns, but fully-functional, effectively-used, and clean facilities are equally important. For meeting both, contact Performance Properties to find out just how our services can benefit Bethany and neighboring communities.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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