A small municipality of 3,422 residents in Litchfield County, Bethlehem is referred to as Connecticut’s “Christmas Town.” While bucolic in character and a beautiful location for living, Bethlehem and many Litchfield County towns do not have facilities maintenance departments. In larger communities, facility management teams oversee day-to-day operations for town buildings, from repairs, custodial services, and improvements to security and utilities to managing grant money and other finances. Towns like Bethlehem, on the other hand, can acquire such services by collaborating with an outside facility management team.

Less than an hour away in Wallingford, Performance Properties, LLC, provides such services to small municipalities in Connecticut, such as Bethlehem.

With quality bolstered by 25 years of experience, our team can transform into the force your town requires, monitoring day-to-day repairs and interactions to successfully managing a real estate portfolio. Our efficient strategy encompasses management and maintenance programs that take into account your town’s expectations and customer satisfaction, and for executing tasks, we work with the best local service providers.

Our strategy starts with the mundane – those functions no one considers until a system shuts off or malfunctions. In overseeing a town’s facilities, we ensure the quality of all HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, data, and cabling systems; building furniture, interiors, structure, and equipment; and grounds. But, top-performing systems are not the sole aspect of a facility. Space and use of it is of particular importance to a town like Bethlehem on a budget, and in surveying all buildings, our team assembles a plan for optimizing and effectively allocating interior areas. In some instances, however, improvements are needed. Acting as project managers in these instances, we bring on industry professionals to carry out all renovations or new construction, seeing the work from conception to completion and verifying compliance along the way.

Procedures essentially frame a facility’s long-term functionality, and a significant portion of our strategy is devoted to them. Assuming this role, we monitor administrative and financial aspects, including personnel and vendor transactions, and synthesize policies and procedures for operations and emergencies based upon a facility’s best interests.

Our services are not relegated to a single property. Rather, we specialize in real estate portfolios. Beyond the day-to-day functions, we consider your town’s overall strategy and budgets and aim to reflect that in a real estate portfolio through recommendations and management. Aside from acquisitions, our team handles all leasing and tenant services.

Performance Properties presents towns like Bethlehem with an economical solution for facilities maintenance and effective management. To see what we can specifically do for your Connecticut municipality, contact us to learn more.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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