Property management is behind the functionality of every facility and building in Bridgeport, Connecticut. From the maintenance of systems to planning renovation and construction projects, a property manager makes sure a Bridgeport facility functions optimally and according to code. If you are looking to improve the property management of your Bridgeport facility, what are your options? Instead of assembling your own team for facilities improvements, work with one that has several years of experience.

With all of these qualities, Performance Properties has been managing facilities from corporate buildings to small Connecticut municipalities for more than 25 years.

Each building has its own set of requirements, future plans, and challenges. When developing a maintenance and management plan for a Bridgeport facility, Performance Properties takes all of these aspects into account. In managing your facility or Bridgeport real estate portfolio, we additionally work with the highest quality service providers and contractors in Connecticut.

Systems are the most direct operational aspect of a building. In managing a facility, we monitor the functionality of all HVAC, electrical, plumbing, cabling, and security systems and assess and account for structures and interiors, equipment, furniture, and grounds. While operation is important, so is allocation of space. In monitoring and assessing your facility, we make sure space is used economically and consider your current and future needs for expanding the space and developing policies.

Projects, improvements, and general maintenance, however, don’t go as well unless a facility is organized. In managing a Bridgeport property, we supervise all personnel and vendors and develop appropriate policies and procedures for operation, general efficiency, and emergencies. On the other hand, a company such as yours may own multiple properties – and may be interested in expansion. Performance Properties can assist you in both areas.

In managing a Bridgeport real estate portfolio, we match a company’s real estate holdings with its needs, future vision, and business plans and oversee services for all existing properties, such as subleasing, tenant requests, and appraisals.

Commercial and retail facilities, municipalities, and estates all require property management and maintenance of some kind. While Performance Properties has the expertise to effectively manage all types of retail and commercial entities, we specialize in academic, banking, corporate, healthcare, legal, cultural, research, religion, retail, food service, airport, information technology, and public sector facilities, estates, and small Connecticut municipalities. If your property or municipality could benefit from such services, give us a call to learn about what we can do.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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