Areas of Fairfield County, Connecticut range from cities like Stamford and Bridgeport to upscale suburbs to smaller towns, bordering Litchfield County, with rural characteristics. Urban or rural environments aside, each area of Fairfield County has properties, facilities, and estates requiring effective management in order to meet regulatory compliance, operate on a day-to-day basis, and be organized. Nevertheless, not every one of these commercial or retail entities is backed by an effective facilities management team; in fact, smaller rural municipalities may not even have such a staff! If efficiency, use of space, and planning for your facility, estate, municipality, or real estate portfolio could be better, work with Performance Properties, LLC to achieve your expectations.

With more than 25 years of experience, Performance Properties addresses every aspect of property management, considering the finest details and the specific needs of your Fairfield County facility.

All management and maintenance programs we develop cover day-to-day tasks and long-term goals, no matter if you are looking to expand and improve a real estate portfolio in Fairfield County or operate a facility better. To carry out renovations or new construction, we work with some of the top service providers and contractors in the state.

Order and planning keep a facility functioning, day in and day out. For facility management in Fairfield County, we can operate a single property or municipality or oversee a real estate portfolio. For the former, our management strategy encompasses personnel, vendors, administrative duties, and finances and involves putting together and implementing policies, procedures, and emergency plans. Real estate portfolios, on the other hand, must be geared toward a company’s current and future plans; making sure no superfluous properties are included, we can match a company’s real estate holdings with its business plan. On a finer level, we manage tenant services, appraisals, and subleasing.

Maintenance is a significant aspect of property management in Fairfield County. Aside from proposals, portfolios, and organization, our approach covers monitoring grounds, structures and interiors, furniture, equipment, and all systems – HVAC, electrical, plumbing, data, and security.

In addition to consistent functioning and regulatory standards, a facility must make economical use of space. Through property assessments, inventory, and policy development, our staff sees that all space is effectively used. In the case improvements, renovations, or new construction is necessary, we work directly with industry professionals to make sure the job is done accurately and in accordance with design, compliance, and building systems.

Effective property management must be included in every facility, estate, municipality, and real estate portfolio in Fairfield County, from academia and research to finance and corporate offices. To give your facility or municipality better property management services, start your strategy with Performance Properties.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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