Greenwich Connecticut is a beautiful coastal town along the Long Island Sound. It is the western and southernmost town in CT, sharing a border with Westchester County, New York. Many beautiful private estates are located in Greenwich, as well as numerous businesses and municipal facilities. Management solutions from Performance Properties LLC provide estate management solutions for area residents. Our facilities maintenance secures the appearance, function, and performance of Greenwich, CT properties. In addition to estates, we offer a comprehensive property management service backed by over 25 years of experience for commercial and retail properties and municipal facilities.

In Greenwich, estate grounds, buildings, systems, and other assets require organized management to maintain appearance, function, and performance.

Management solutions from Performance Properties LLC involve supervising all vendors and developing appropriate policies and procedures for grounds keeping, facility maintenance, and general efficiency of operation. We work with Greenwich clients to establish property management protocols specific to their individual needs. For real estate portfolios and commercial property, our management strategy matches real estate holdings with the needs, vision, and business plan to oversee necessary services for existing properties such as subleasing, tenant requests, and appraisals in Connecticut and neighboring states.

Order and planning are important aspects of the property management services we provide to Greenwich area residents to ensure that projects, improvements, and general maintenance are performed reliably. Each property has a unique set of needs, future plans, and built in challenges. Performance Properties works with our clients to develop facility maintenance strategies taking all of these requisites into consideration. We have established strong relationships with the best contractors and service providers in CT and the region to keep your property running smoothly.

Management of the support systems is an important part of facilities maintenance for Greenwich properties. We monitor and support the ongoing functionality of such systems as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, data, and security.

Repairs are performed unobtrusively and in a timely manner to keep your Greenwich facility functioning efficiently. From the maintenance of systems to planning renovations and new construction projects in CT, our property management solutions are devised with a focus on the client’s objectives.

Commercial and retail facilities in Greenwich as well as private estates and municipal properties all require property management tailored to the specific dynamics of a location. Residents of this beautiful part of CT will appreciate Performance Properties’ expertise in estate management. Give us a call to put our facilities maintenance team to work and gain the peace of mind that comes with efficient and economical management solutions.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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