Properties of all sizes and types are located in New Haven, Connecticut: larger corporate buildings, academic and research facilities in the area’s colleges, and retail properties, among many others. Yet, significant maintenance and management go into operating these properties, with most, if not all, behind the scenes. If a property does not have the staff for maintenance or management, what are the options? Rather than building a team yourself, go with one that’s already assembled and has several years of experience. Located just north of New Haven in Wallingford, Performance Properties, LLC is the team that provides optimal facilities maintenance and management.

Because each property has different needs, we develop a custom program, one that considers both day-to-day and long-term operations, for your facility.

While we provide the management, we work with the best service providers and contractors in the state to get the job done, be it new construction or a renovation.

On a visual level, structure, interiors, and grounds all require maintenance to be in good condition and up to code. When managing your facility, we keep track of the functionality of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, and data systems and monitor structure and interior space, furniture, equipment, and grounds. Space usage, particularly, is a key aspect of property management: more or less space may be necessary, or an organization needs to better use its allotment. Performance Properties can determine this for you, taking into consideration both current and future expectations and organization, developing policies and plans, and assessing amount and usage. In the instances renovation or new construction is necessary for the best usage of space, we collaborate with industry professionals and observe the project from concept to completion.

Organization and project management are also necessary to successfully operate a facility. In this regards, Performance Properties can turn into your facilities management team. On a basic level, we manage personnel and vendors, carry out administrative and financial tasks, and develop and implement policies, procedures, and emergency plans. Aside from direct operations for a single facility, we manage portfolios of retail and commercial properties. Taking into account your company’s real estate needs, we provide tenant services, appraisals, and leasing services.

Property management is integral to the operation of any facility in New Haven and the surrounding area. For management and maintenance, Performance Properties specializes in academic, banking, corporate medical, legal, cultural, research, religious, retail, food service, information technology, manufacturing, public sector, and estate facilities and small municipalities. If your corporate or retail property falls into any of these categories, improve its operation with Performance Properties.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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