New London, one of the major locations in eastern Connecticut, is built like any other city: small and large commercial and retail establishments, restaurants, and various other facilities all reside within its borders. Surrounding this small city are various suburban and rural communities, some with populations less than 5,000, excluding Norwich. Regardless of the disparity in characteristics, however, office building and commercial properties in New London and small surrounding municipalities all require effective management strategies. If, on the other hand, funds aren’t in place to manage or provide a facility with maintenance, let Performance Properties become your property managers. With more than 25 years of experience, we offer facilities maintenance and property management to buildings, estates, real estate portfolios, and small municipalities across Connecticut.

Because our services can be applied to a wide range of properties in New London, no maintenance and management strategy is identical. Rather, current and future business goals and requirements are paramount, and our strategy is tailored around them.

Encompassing maintenance, planning, and organization, our strategy covers daily and long-term operations and, for new construction and renovations, involves top-notch Connecticut service providers and contractors.

A significant amount of planning and organization go into running a single New London facility – or a full portfolio of real estate properties. As New London property managers, we take over facility maintenance services, from monitoring staff and vendors to carrying out administrative tasks, finance duties, and policy and procedure development and implementation. A real estate portfolio, on the other hand, ideally matches a company’s current and future plans, and our goal is aligning your holdings with these needs through acquisition and asset management. Additionally, our team takes on the finer tasks of real estate property management in these cases, such as tenant services, appraisals, and subleasing.

A building’s operations are depending on its systems. As a result, a significant part of our maintenance strategy involves monitoring all systems – HVAC, electrical, cabling, plumbing, and security – as well as furniture, equipment, structure and interior, and grounds.

Aside from systems, how space inside a building is allocated and used increases efficiency. If too much is being used for too little, we assess the property to improve space planning. Renovations or new construction may be needed, and in these cases, we manage such projects from planning through completion, working with industry professionals and always keeping compliance, design, and systems in mind.

An effective management strategy is integral to the operation of New London properties, from academic facilities to corporate offices, small surrounding municipalities, estates, and real estate portfolios. Improving facility maintenance and management begins with increased observation and implementation of policies and procedures. Take your facility’s operation to the next level by working with Performance Properties.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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