Rhode Island’s cities and towns have buildings and facilities of all sizes. Although each essentially has a different purpose, property management is integral to the functioning and operation of all. If, on the other hand, a facility in Rhode Island does not have a department for property management or facilities maintenance, what other options are out there? For keeping a facility functioning as smooth and possible and organized down to every detail, go with Performance Properties, LLC. Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, Performance Properties works with facilities, estates, small municipalities, and estates in the Westerly area of Rhode Island, providing 25 years of management and maintenance experience.

No two commercial or retail properties are identical. In response, every property management and maintenance program we draw up is tailored to your goals and requirements.

Daily tasks and long-term planning and organization are taken into consideration, and in carrying out all renovations and construction, we collaborate with top service providers and contractors in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Planning and organization are key components to property management in Rhode Island. Performance Properties, in this regard, operates on two levels. In considering the operation of a single facility or municipality in Rhode Island, we manage all personnel, vendors, finances, and administrative tasks and draft and implement procedures, policies, and emergency plans. Beyond a single entity, real estate portfolios are another management service we provide. On a greater scale, we work with you to cultivate a portfolio of commercial and retail properties in accordance with your current and future business expectations. In considering each property, we manage all tenant services and conduct appraisals and subleasing.

Properties and facilities on all scales must function for efficiency, convenience, and regulatory compliance. In managing this aspect of Rhode Island facilities, we assess HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, and cabling systems, structures and interiors, furniture, equipment, and grounds and make improvements when necessary. Aside from systems, space management and usage are additional key components to operating a facility. Preventing too much space from going to waste yet being aware when too much is being done with too little, we assess your structure for current and future plans. If renovations or new construction is recommended, we seek out industry professionals and see each project from proposal to completion, always considering compliance, design, and systems in the process.

Commercial and retail facilities, from corporate offices and academic buildings to strip malls and financial institutions, as well as estates and small municipalities, all operate better when an effective team is monitoring and assessing the property. To streamline operation and organization, start by contacting Performance Properties to see how our services can benefit your facility.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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