Many office buildings and other medium- to large-sized facilities are located in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. Although many workers go in and then leave once the day is over, activities inside each building aren’t limited to sales and output. Optimal operation is crucial for each business to run, from the light and telecommunications systems working to improving use of office space. Yet, if a facility is not effectively managed, these systems and features workers take for granted won’t function as well. To maintain this high level of operations in your building, go with Performance Properties, LLC, a Connecticut property management company with more than 25 years of experience.

Located in Wallingford, Performance Properties services retail and commercial facilities, estates, and small municipalities all over Connecticut.

Because each building has specific requirements, we work with your team to put together a maintenance and management program that considers both daily and long-term operations. While we oversee all management, from leasing to maintenance to space planning, we join forces with top-notch service providers and contractors to execute all improvements.

When managing your Stamford property, we maintain structural and system functionality and economically allocate space. In doing so, we monitor HVAC, electrical, security, plumbing, data, and telecommunication systems, building structure and interior, furniture and equipment, and grounds. Concerning the space available, we assess each structure to make the best use of the existing amount or to recommend expanding or lessening it. Taking into account your current and future plans, we develop policies and keep an inventory of all available space. If expansion, renovations, or new construction is necessary, we manage the project from start to finish, considering building design, compliance, and systems.

Beyond planning, Performance Properties keeps a facility organized. In terms of general operations, we manage vendors and personnel, develop and carry out effective policies and procedures, and are responsible for administrative and finance tasks. On the other hand, a company might operate multiple properties. In this case, we manage real estate portfolios, accurately matching a company’s real estate holdings with its needs, and supervising tenant services, property appraisals, and subleasing.

Commercial and retail facilities of all sizes benefit from effective property management and maintenance: corporate, academic, financial, cultural, medical, legal, research, religious, retail, food service, airport, information technology, manufacturing, and public sector facilities, to just name a few.

Beyond individual buildings and real estate portfolios, Performance Properties can provide full facility management to small municipalities and luxury estates. If your property can benefit from a facility management and maintenance strategy, contact Performance Properties to see all we can do.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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