At the mouth of the Housatonic River on the eastern edge of Fairfield County, dynamic Stratford, Connecticut occupies a lovely stretch along the Long Island Sound. Within commuting distance of New York City, Stratford is part of CT’s famed Gold Coast. Founded by Puritans in 1639, Stratford enjoys a rich historical legacy including its distinction as the birthplace of the American helicopter industry. Since 1957, every Marine One helicopter of the President of the United States has been manufactured in Stratford. Stratford is an industrial hub with rich natural beauty. Stratford contains beaches, Roosevelt Forest, river frontage, and the Great Salt Marsh.

With an abundance of high level industrial and commercial-retail businesses in Stratford, property management services are in demand to meet diverse criteria of needs.

Performance Properties LLC has decades of experience offering the reliable, forward thinking standards of facilities maintenance, service, and development upon which Stratford CT businesses rely. Additionally, our estate and municipal management services maintain the value, function, and appearances of a broad range of properties.

Bank-owned, foreclosure, commercial, residential, and estate properties in Stratford require proficient attention to detail and fiscal responsibility from property management. Performance Properties evaluates each property based upon the inherent needs of the holding and our clients’ objectives to maintain and develop their properties. We consult relevant business plans and incorporate scalable schematics into such services as real estate portfolio development, building operations management, project and space management, and property development and planning.

Of particular significance in the Stratford and surrounding CT vicinity is the legacy of manufacturing. Two locations in Stratford have been designated Superfund sites by the EPA and ongoing efforts are addressing contamination, notably asbestos. Performance Properties’ available services include steps to address environmental concerns to meet relevant regulations, as well as the development goals of our clients for their property.

Each of our clients receives the benefit of selecting from myriad property management and development services from Performance Properties LLC. More than a quarter century of experience in facility management has finely honed our expertise and reputable standing within this field.

Stratford property owners expect the highest standard of estate maintenance and commercial development and that is what we deliver. From routine maintenance and upkeep, to project and real estate portfolio management, our facility management services support commercial, retail, residential, and municipal properties statewide. We provide full accountability for all services necessary to keep buildings and grounds in Stratford, CT in excellent condition and proper working order.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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