Westchester, New York, has various commercial and retail properties within its borders. Although such properties range from large corporate buildings to strip malls, all essentially have the same needs: effective facility management. The aspects of a property taken for granted, such as working lights and effective security, are all part of facilities management, as is bringing in and working with new tenants, monitoring and planning space, and overseeing renovations and new construction. Not all properties, small municipalities, and estates, however, have a facilities management team. To get the same services without going through the headache of building your own staff, work with Performance Properties, LLC. Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, we can bring 25 years’ worth of property management experience to your facility, municipality, estate, or real estate portfolio.

Because each facility, municipality, or portfolio has specific needs, the maintenance and management program we create is drawn up with these aspects, requirements, and goals in mind.

Property management and maintenance involve day-to-day and long-term planning, and our work and proposal considers your needs in each area. Through system maintenance, planning, organization, and project management, our building operations encompasses structural improvements, effective use of space allotment, and superior organization, and for any necessary construction or renovation to your Westchester property, we work with top service providers and contractors in New York and Connecticut.

In considering the physical operation of a Westchester building, our team monitors a facility’s HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, data, and telecommunication systems, structure and interior, equipment, furniture, and grounds. Use of space, as well, must be planned effectively. The space, after an assessment, is allocated economically, and our team regularly monitors the amount, considers your future planning needs, and develops policies. Renovations or new construction may be needed, and for such projects, we supervise all facets from initial planning stages through completion, collaborating with industry professionals and always taking into consideration compliance, design, and systems.

Facility management, on the other hand, includes more than maintenance and space planning. Workers, tenants, and tasks are all part of a facility, and in getting this aspect to run as smoothly as possible, we manage all personnel, vendors, administrative duties, and finance and develop and implement appropriate procedures, policies, and emergency plans.

A Westchester company, such as yours, may own a network of properties, and our expertise not only allows us to operate them but to also manage and cultivate a real estate portfolio. On a greater scale, we compare and adjust a company’s needs with its real estate holdings and recommend and acquire properties in accordance with your current and future expectations. In considering the management of a portfolio, we provide tenant services, appraisals, and subleasing services.

From academia and research to corporate office parks and manufacturing facilities, any Westchester property can be operated more efficiently. To take your facility, municipality, or portfolio to the next level, collaborate with Performance Properties.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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