Western Massachusetts has properties, facilities, and towns of all sizes, from well-known liberal arts colleges to large shopping centers to office buildings in downtown Springfield. Although dissimilar structures, all such facilities have one aspect, albeit nearly invisible, in common: property management. Necessary for keeping systems operating, structures up to code, and current and future planning, property management keeps a building operating and organized. Nevertheless, not every organization, facility, or small municipality has property management or maintenance staff. But, rather than putting together a team of new employees, get a full and experienced staff through Performance Properties, LLC. Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, Performance Properties provides property management and maintenance services to commercial and retail facilities, estates, and small municipalities in western Massachusetts.

Each property, or real estate portfolio, has specific, individual requirements and goals, and in putting together a facilities management and maintenance program, we take all aspects into consideration.

Our approach to managing your western Massachusetts property encompasses day-to-day operations and long-term planning, with maintenance, assessments, reports, and renovations all considered. To carry out many physical and structural improvements, we work with some of the best service providers and contractors in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In assessing and maintaining the physical and functional aspects of a facility, we monitor HVAC, plumbing, electrical, security, and data systems, structures and interiors, furniture, equipment, and grounds. Aside from operation of the building, how the space is used is crucial toward effective and economical property management. Through monitoring and assessing, Performance Properties plans and develops strategies for getting the most use out of the existing space. Remodeling or new construction may be necessary at some point, and working directly with local industry professionals, we oversee the project from the initial proposal to completion, taking into consideration compliance, structure, and systems.

Beyond monitoring and maintenance, organization is essential to a facility’s functioning. In managing your western Massachusetts facility, we have the expertise to oversee every aspect from employees and vendors to policies and financial tasks. Aside from standard operations, our team can manage your real estate portfolio. Through acquisition, we take into account your organization’s real estate holdings with its current and future business plans, and in managing existing assets, we provide tenant services, appraisals, and subleasing.

Academic, banking, corporate, healthcare, legal, cultural, research, religious, retail, food service, airport, club, information technology, and public sector facilities are just some of the commercial properties in which we specialize in western Massachusetts, as well as small municipalities without facilities management departments and luxury estates. For improving the operations of your facility, from planning and organization to implementation and renovations, get the necessary services through Performance Properties.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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