Performance Properties, LLC understands the challenges associated with Real Estate Owned (REO) and Other Real Estate Owned (OREO) properties. Our bank owned foreclosure management services restore and maintain Connecticut properties to yield the highest sale price, or income generation possible. Our integrated approach to bank owned foreclosure management in Connecticut reduces the negative impact of the foreclosure label and eliminates hassle for banks.

A first step involved with our bank owned foreclosure management is evaluating intentions for the property. We help banks sell, lease, and develop commercial and residential properties, taking into consideration current and projected real estate trends in Connecticut. The present condition of the foreclosed real estate is established along with a plan to attain the required condition in line with the bank’s objective for the property.

Our bank owned foreclosure management in Connecticut transforms foreclosure properties from risky and distressed to viable options for sale or lease. Adding or renovating a property for curb appeal is an important part of gaining favorable attention. Simultaneously, any deteriorated structures and systems must be repaired for safety and proper performance.

Troublesome signs of neglect must be overcome to attract prospective buyers and tenants. Routine inspections, ongoing maintenance, and professional landscaping generate interest provide signs of life that invite potential buyers to investigate foreclosure properties. We tailor a host of services to improve, maintain, and manage the location as needed. We can oversee construction projects and manage leasing and tenant relations, as well as all aspects of property management and facilities maintenance to help financial institutions recoup losses related to foreclosure properties.

Performance Properties, LLC delivers services for bank owned foreclosure management in Connecticut to optimize troublesome properties. We find the best solutions for banks regarding foreclosure real estate. We provide a single source of inspection, repair, and management for income generation and disposition of these properties saving countless hours of hassle and aggravation for banking professionals.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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