Performance Properties, LLC specializes in the management of bank owned properties. Our REO property management services in CT are available to secure abandoned buildings and properties, prepare locations for rent or sale, and manage rent collection and ongoing property maintenance for bank owned real estate holdings. Our asset management involves full accountability for improvements and developments, maintenance, leasing, construction management, marketing, and sale of REO properties to work with your bank’s strategy for asset development or liquidation.

We provide an integrated approach to bank owned property management in CT and full disclosure of all steps involved with portfolio development. These services include acquisitions, property development, construction management, maintenance, and disposal or lease of holdings according to your objectives. We also oversee commercial and residential foreclosure properties as part of our REO property management.

Commercial and residential foreclosure properties are often acquired in less than ideal condition, as previous owners may have allowed properties to fall into disrepair as they defaulted on loans. These parcels require immediate attention to make repairs and restore curb appeal for sale or lease. Our services for bank owned property management in CT include financial and operational analysis of holdings to ascertain the steps necessary to stabilize and improve asset value.

Performance Properties bank owned property management is designed to exceed the expectations of our broad base of clients in CT and neighboring areas. Our focus is on management and maintenance of retail and office buildings, apartment complexes, undeveloped parcels, and private homes. Instead of relying on multiple contractors to manage the various aspects of bank owned property management, our capacity and expertise provide a single point of contact for banks and lending institutions.

We have established relationships with the best professionals in the industry to oversee each aspect of bank owned property maintenance and development. Our management strategies are tailored to the needs of each individual property with regard to the budget and income forecasts of your real estate portfolio as a whole. Our unsurpassed attention to detail and regard for our clients’ bottom line consistently delivers optimum performance from bank owned property in Connecticut.

Performance Properties LLC is dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our clients.

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